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New Research Intern, Peilin

We have a new research intern from City University of Hong Kong, WANG Peilin. Get to know him:

I am Lincoln, in the previous weekly meeting shen told me to post my intro and photo to the web. Here is my intro and photo. Hi everyone, here is WANG Peilin, you can call me Lincoln as my nickname. I am a year 3 computer science student from City University of Hong Kong. My research interest are AR/VR development and some fantastic UI design to enhance user experience. I am very sociable and eager to make friends with all people, while at the same time I am meticulous and responsible in my research. I am also a hardware geek, collect a lot of CPU, AR/VR device, drone, GPU, there are friends who like these can also discuss with me. In my spare time, I like to play sports, travel, and play billiards, so I’m glad to meet you all!